Sports Betting Stats, Powered by Sports4Cast

Powered by the extensive Sports4Cast database and machine-learning algorithm, Smart Stakes presents a host of information for punters looking for the edge against the bookmakers in upcoming sports matches.
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About Our Methodology

We source information on upcoming and previous sports events worldwide to keep our extensive databases up to date.

We pull all the latest odds and information from the bookmakers in real time.

We publish all this information on our sports, events and match pages to allow you to compare the best odds with all the recent stats and facts on matches and events – as well as some of our predictions and value calculations (if available) – to make a smarter decision on your stake.

About Sports4Cast

Sports4Cast is a company that specialises in sports data analysis, particularly in forecasting results. Our extensive database of sports matches and odds covers multiple sports, and we use this to service major sports clients as well as our own platforms. 

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