What we do

Smart Stakes is a purely informative website that shows information about upcoming sports events and matches around the world, along with the best odds.

Smart Stakes do not make any recommendation on what to bet and how much (at the moment) although we do show the output of common strategies for staking (value calculations or the kelly criterion for example) as many gamblers like to perform these calculations anyway. We do not track the success of these strategies over time.

How to Use

Speculators are advised to use the information to inform their decision making bets on matches.

We arrange matches by date but do give an indication of value on the homepage, so you can see which matches might be the best ones to look at. Punters can then click into the individual match pages to see further information on the matches – head to head information, recent form, squad selections (if available) – alongside the odds so they can make a smarter decision on whether to stake money.

Got any questions?

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions or questions on the website. This is a product that is under constant development, and it is incredibly useful to receive feedback from users about what they like and don’t like. Don’t be shy!

About Sport4Cast

Sports4Cast are a data-driven business that provides sports information for fans, companies and sporting bodies alike; generating content to enhance performance or drive engagement. They aim to give greater insight into events and matches through the use of data.

Through this they have also spent a great deal of time of time analysing bookies markets and therefore have a very good understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Smart Stakes is the result of the time spent in this field.

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